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Designed in Problems on Ford Transit 1995 model – And In General for all cars.


Here I describe faults that’s designed into this car / model by the manufacturer.  Faults that will not appear during the initial guarantee period, but later, so that the owner will have to pay the expenses him self.  Below I discuss this phenomena in general and give some comments.


Indicated prices are in Norway, including work, and in some cases estimated.  In Europe somewhat lower prices are assumed.


These faults are :

-         Exhaust valve 350Euro (Normal problem they said),

-         Front wheel bearings 350Euro (Inner bearing breaks because insufficient protection against water, oil seal redesigned)

-         Clutch release problem Wearing out gearbox 2500Euro.  In Norwegian temperatures and humidity the clutch does not always release properly, most likely because it’s designed to tight (to accurate) on the axle, this again causes the driver to use force in engaging the gears, especially 1. and 2. gear, which again causes parts in the gear box to wear out, and in the end the gear box (MT75) will need overhaul or a replacement/overhauled box.  To my knowledge there’s no redesign for this problem.  When they introduced the new front wheel driven Transit the actually advertised with “new strong gear box / transmission” !, thereby acknowledging the problem with MT75 for Transits.

-         Air condition pipes rusting  600Euro.  Believe it or not, but the aluminium pipes for the air condition (on my model) passes close to the steel frame of the car at one point, and is actually clamped to the bottom front of the engine with steel.  It just have to go wrong (and so it has).


I have replaced the front glass, break pads and discs in front, and some exhaust parts as well, though that’s to be expected, or normal wear.  Though the initial 90degree bend on the front manifold is a place where it just have to be a hole sooner than any other place, and this part is expensive (700Euro), so a strengthened design at that spot would have doubled it’s life time (I welded it instead of replacing it).  The mileage is now 122000Km only.


In Norway the price of this car new is/was about 23,000,-Euro (It’s low taxes on such a cars in Norway when they’re for transporting goods only (only one row of seats), normal cars have much higher taxes in Norway).


The in designed extra expenses are then summing up to 3,800,-Euro.


That is about 16% that you have to ADD! To the price of the car, because of designed in weaknesses !


I would not be surprised if other marks are both worse and better.


When buying a car, buy a model that’s been in production with only minor changes for about 7 years, if you can find that.  During that time they have probably identified the problems and improved the design. ….  Or, if you can get hold of information as to what are the typical problems for that specific car, make sure they have all been mended before you buy it. …. Don’t buy a much improved model, because then they have designed in new faults for your wallet.


I do understand why people are buying Toyota, who has a reputation for quality.  You simply save a lot of money ! …. Though I just read that even Toyota now have problems with one of their new models, being stuffed with problems.


As cars get more and more complicated and high tech, this is not going to be less of a problem in the future.


In Norway Mitsubishi gives you 5 years guarantee on their new cars.  I think they’re the only ones.  That must really be tempting for a person going to buy a brand new care.  Why doesn’t any body else dare do the same ? …..


FBK 9/7-2004