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My home page in Norway

Hang Gliding in Norway (Norwegian)

Hang Gliding in the US / WORLD

Hi There !

Why should a Norwegian living in Norway have a home page in the US ? Well,.... There was one available in Sweden, but it was slow and not working to well. I tried a couple more, but wasn't too happy. Then I found this one :-) ... No problems so far, and it's fast !,... but maybe thats because you people over there are sleeping when it is working day here, and then the network between Norway and the US is much better (Satellite) than between Norway and Europe.

This is just a preliminary start. Just in order to have SOME thing.

The long term intention is to have my home pages partly here and partly on a Norwegian server. For the time being it's mostly on the Norwegian server.

My interests are HangGliding, Learning Sea Kayak, Learning the folk form of Swing dance (Very successful here in Norway), Earning my living by working for Ericsson, which is also located in the US (In Dallas I think) and most other places in the world. My education is Electronics, And my experiences (work) is Electronics,Computers, Industrial automation, And Telephony related in Ericsson.

I'm single and free (Not very social), and never been anything but that. I guess it will most likely stay that way.

I am considering some kind of major change in my life, but don't know what. Maybe it will be no change, after all I'm doing fairly well the way everything is, .... but,..... Time will tell,.....

Finn B. Kjelstrup