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  The opinions below are those of my own.  They are not ment to hurt
  anybody, but because we all interpret sentences differently based
  on our diffrences in background, they will be missunderstood by a
  lot of people, and thus can cause neggative reactions by somebody.
  If you do react emotionaly or neggative to some of what I write, it
  is most likely because your interpretation is completly different
  from what I'm trying to say.  Please keep this in mind when reading.

  Also I DO CHANGE OPINION from time to time, when faced with new
  information / experience or arguments.  And I'm proud of being
  cabable of changing my opinion.  But I'm also proud of keeping
  insisting in what I think is right.

 The Most Important Things Humanity Should Do :
  - Learn to understand how the climate on our planet work, thus
    enabeling us to predict and prevent long term instability and
    possibly the end of life on our planet as it is today.  (I do
    however think that the end of humanity is fare more likely than
    the end of life on our planet).
  - Learn to manipulate the human gene in order to remove the
    capability of uncontrollable anger and hate from the human
    race.  If we don't do that, and with the weapons we currently
    have, we sooner or later will destroy our self by warfare.  The
    combination of humans having the nature of an animal and the
    technology of a civilized community is dangerous.  And the only
    way we get out of this dangerous situation is by removing the
    primitive/animal qualities inherited from the animals (that we
    still actually are) that leads us into starting wars and fights
    without a good reason.  Our ability to defend our selfs however
    is important to keep, as is all our other abilities as well I
  - Invent some new powerfull weapons without the long term neggative
    side effects of todays atomic weapons.  We can not get rid of
    atomic weapons, they already exist !  But by making new and better
    atomic weapons, we can get rid of the long term radioactive
    effects of these weapons.  I hope.  (And maybe be capable of making
    "safe" atomic power plants as well).
  - We should spend much much more money on research, trying to come
    up with a safe and not poluting (most likely atomic) source of
    energy (this relates to the issues above).  The problem is that
    is not profitable so it has to be financed by me and you (our
 The greatest threaths against mankinds continued existence are
 (I think) In prioritized order :
  - Asteroids (or rather : A asteroide.  Though a very long term one).
  - Bacteria.  Partly because they're becoming resistant, and partly
    because we are no longer many isolated tribes, but one large
    one (Air traffic increases, "everybody goes everywhere")
  - Nuclear warfare with extensive spreading of radioactivity.
    (This will for shure happen sooner or later, but I don't think
    the whole planet will participate).