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Here are a few pictures from Skipnes at the end of July 1999 when I joined the one week Sea Kayak Course at the yearly Arctic Sea Kayak Festival where more than hundred sea kayakers come together each year to compete (the race) and join together on organised trips in the area (the ramble) or just learn sea kayaking (the camp).

The pictures below has been picked (I didn't have much to pick from) in order to give additional information to first timers who has never joined this festival before and/or never been to the area before, which was the case with me.

More Pictures and Text - General Info.

This is to show the kind of nature / ground you should be expecting to set up your tent in if you're joining the camp (course) or the ramble (trips).  There are lots of tents around and quite close to each other.  I arrived late, so there wasn't much to choose from, but I was quite happy with this place.
This was the kayak "harbour" for the camp / (course). Those joining the race and the ramble had a proper kayak quay to the left (view image below). It's however good training to launch and dock at a place like this.
This is the Skipnes harbour just left to the picture above, but taken from the same place. Here are the buildings and the facilities.

Below is ADDITIONS to the information you get from the organisers when you ask for it (which is quite extensive information). It's my own private views :-).

Leave your lighting stuff back home. It's light all night this far North.

There is a lot of weather up North. Good outdoor clothing recommended.

Tents should be of the kind suitable for a bit rough weather, just in case. Though it's possible to get indoor if it gets real bad.

It's outside GSM cell-phone coverage. There's a coin phone.

It's an Island, far from central areas. There's a boat coming and going every day however.

It's a beautiful nature ! You don't join this if don't like outdoor in general :-) .......

The facilities at the Island is much like on a small camping place, except that it's NOT a tenting area, but more like a few large cottages with several beds in, which are in general occupied by those participating on the race. And then those going on the ramble (Which is the majority) and the camp, are staying in their tents outdoor, even though they have access to all the facilities

There are sufficient water supplies and toilets, but the shower and cloth drying facilities etc. are not scaled for more than maybe 20% of the number of people actually joining the festival.

The showers accept 10Kr coins, and if you're timing is smart, you may get warm water as well ! :-)

Well, this information is just complementary to what you receive when asking for information. And is "so to say" what I would have appreciated knowing in advance, but couldn't read from the information I received in 1999.