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I'm a private user.

If I use the program less than
once a month                      : 0,-.

If I use the program less than an
hour a month                      : 13,- USD

If I use the program less than two
hours a month                     : 30,- USD

If I use the program not more than
3 hours per week in average       : 50,- USD

If I use the program a lot        : 65,- USD

Updates to a software package    : 7-13,- USD
(Depending on how much I use it)

If the program price is higher than above, I
think most private users will try to get an
illegal copy, or find some other piece of
software or do without it.

Many software houses price their products FARE
above this, and by doing so they encourage
illegal copying, and LOOSE A LOT OF MONEY
(assuming distribution and sale by the net,
 no hardware, books etc delivered.)  

They could have the whole WORLD as their market
if they priced their products at a price that
most private users find fair to pay.

And that price heavily depends on the accumulated
average usage of the program.

It shouldn't be to difficult to make sure that
the more the fully featured "demo" program is
used, the more irritating it gets to use it, and
thus, the more tempting to actually pay the fair
price that is being asked.  And you can then
select which price to pay, according to how much
you will be going to use the program.


MAILTOOL (netscape messenger)
When I after a while have hundreds of mails, most
of them with rather silly titles, it becomes
so time consuming to find THE mail you knew you
had somewhere, that you just give up.
HOW: (a)
The mail tool must give the oprtunity of easily
changing the title of any mail at any time.  A
sensible title makes a mail easier to find.
HOW: (b)
When moving/archiving a mail it could be possible
to give (Be asked for if the user preferres) key
words (Like META KEYWORDS in ALTAVISTA), that a
search function can later on search for, along
with the title (and optionally the content).

RADIO HI-FI MUSIC RECORDER (Don't know of such SW).
At night, when I'm asleep, the various radio stations
broadcast their best programs, containing mostly very
good music, and almost no speech (Just the way I want
a radio program).  But I'm sleeping at night, so I have
to do with programs brodcastet at day time, which are
no good (too much talk, and same tunes over and over
HOW: (a)
FM quality is 16Khz which gives 32Khz sampling rate
as minimum ! .... Sound Blaster ADPCM is acceptable
though not the best.  CD Quality PCM is fine of course,
but demands a bit more than the 2Gigabytes possible
with windows95. Real time MPEG-2 compression at about
160Kb/s Stereo, would be nice if available.  Should
be possible to record up to 24hours real time HI-FI
stereo quality onto a sufficiently large hard disk.
HOW: (b)
Playback is of course important, several sliders for
hours minutes, seconds will be needed to wind forth
and back.  A special button for skipping 3,4,5,6
minutes ahead (to get rid of the tune you don't like,
or to skip the hourly news).
HOW: (c)
Maybe I want to keep part of the recording.  I will
then need a program cooperating with the Playback
program.  It must copy what is being played back
into a Ring-Buffer-like file with a size of aprox
10minutes, overwriting itself (in circle) all the
time.  Then when I push the button "Keep last 10
minutes", the tune that I just heard and enjoyed,
and want to keep is copied into a (in ahead specified)
directory (Automatic sequential file naming, don't
ask me, except maybe tell me which name will be
used and give me the possibility to change it
in some setup menu), well,... I will get what was
played the last 10minutes, which will be more than
just the tune I want, but it will then be easy for
me to load that (not so huge) file of only 10 minutes
in a wave editor (goldwave), and remove parts in the
beginning and the end that is not part of the tune.
HOW: (d)
Wave Editor, already exists (see above), but not
for MPEG that I know of (goldwave is nice).
HOW: (e)
Then I will maybe have a directory with tunes,
which I will most likely want to keep in some
high quality MPEG-2 format.  So I need a program
that automaticly converts all the .wav .mp? in that
directory to the selected MP2 format in a new or
existing destination directory.  MP3 is NOT, I repeat
NOT suitable for HI-FI music, it removes far to
much of the details in the music.  Besides many of
the radio stations broadcast in MPEG layer 2.